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What is 3 on 3 hockey?

on 3 hockey is played on a smaller ice surface or “training rink”. Teams are typically made up of 9-12 skaters and a goalie. The game is played with 3 skaters and a goalie from each team on the ice at a time. The game is designed to be unstructured, with minimal stoppages, much like pond hockey. The smaller area requires players to play faster and compete harder. Players get 5X the puck touches of a normal game. 
3 on 3 hockey rules and game format are different from the full ice game. See 3O3 Hockey League Rules & Game Format for more detail on game structure, rules and format.

How do I get on a team or join the league?

3 on 3 league teams are typically formed by a parent or coach. Just gather 9-12 players of similar age and ability level together to form a team. Anyone can register a team, you do not have to be a hockey “coach” to sign up a team. 3O3 Hockey is for any player, you do not need an invitation.


How long is a game?

Games will be 50 minutes in total, a 4-minute warm up and 46 minutes of play.


How many games are in the league season?

For our spring and fall leagues, 9 games in the spring and 9 games in the fall, + playoffs at the end of each session.


When are the games scheduled? How many games per week?

During the school year, games will be scheduled on weekdays between 5pm and 9pm, and weekends between 8 am and 9pm. During the summer, games will be on Weekdays and Sunday evenings. Teams will have 1-2 games per week.


Are practices a part of the 3 on 3 leagues?

No. There are no practice sessions. Only games.


How many teams per league? 

8-10 teams will make up a league level.


How do I know what level to register my team?

3O3 Hockey & Training Center follows Minnesota Hockey Rules for league levels. For example, the minor squirt league is intended for kids that will be first year squirts next season. Major squirts - second year squirts - etc.


Can girls play with the boys?

Yes, you can register your girls team in the girls league or sign up in a boys league.


Why is 3 on 3 so fun for players?

Here are just some of the things we hear all the time from players:

1. "You can score alot of goals."

2. "You can play with all of your friends."

3. "It's a fast paced game."


I am trying to get a team together, but I do not have enough players,
what can I do?

Players that do not have a team can register as individuals. If you are short players, you can contact us at and we are happy to connect you with other players at your level who are also looking for a team.


I have a player that wants to play, but doesn’t have a team, what should I do?

You can register as an individual. If there are enough individual registrations at your age level to form a team we will put one together, or connect you with another team that may need additional players.


Do I get a jersey for playing in a 3 on 3 league?

Yes, each team will be provided with up to 12 league jerseys.

Our Philosophy

At 3O3, our mission is to create an environment where players of all ages and abilities can come and develop their hockey skills. Whether you are driven to be an elite player, or preparing to make the transition up from one level to the next, our programs, trainers and 3 on 3 rink will help you get there.

We believe that providing an opportunity for players to play 3 on 3 hockey on our smaller ice surface is the best development opportunity available. The smaller area requires players to engage in the play, make quicker decisions and compete harder. Unencumbered by the structure, systems, and coaching aspects of the full ice game, players are free to be creative, take risks, and even make mistakes, which are all critical aspects of player development.

Our tagline is Let 'em play™, and that's exactly what we want the players to do. Let 'em play in an environment where playing small area games and 3 on 3 hockey will change the way they see, think about, and play the game!

Let 'em play. Given the right environment, the game itself can be the best teacher.